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Be brave! Piercing and fake piercing: cartilage, septum or nose rings?

Piercings are becoming more common: every workplace, every date night, you'll find at least one stand-out. Even though it's more accepted, it still gives you a dose of rebel spirit. Especially when it’s minimalistic, and organic. It underlines your style, and show who you are. Where to start with piercing earrings? Cartilage or septum ring? Ready to pierce your nose or ear? Fantastic! Make sure you’ve chosen a hypoallergenic piece made from sterling silver or 14K goldfilled. It could be a cartilage hoop, or a nose ring. Then imagine the look. Smart? Dainty? Boho? Even such a small detail adds character.  Not sure if it’s your style? Try the fake piercing first. The good news is you don't need to get a piercing, if you...

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