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Minimalist ear jewelry: ear climbers, ear cuffs, earrings for any occasion

Are you ready to wear some unboring minimalist ear jewelry? Not just earrings, but also ear climbers and ear cuffs

Minimalist ear jewelry: ear climbers, ear cuffs, earrings for any occasion

Minimal silver and gold filled earrings for any occasion

Minimal ear climbers and ear cuffs can give their owners a unique vibe: dainty but stylish and just a little rebellious. Why not try them?

A human ear has a beautiful, tricky form. And in our family Lulina workshop we love to create earrings and some unusual minimalist accents, such as handmade ear climbers and ear cuffs. Let's have a closer look, how do they differ? There are two main types:

  1. Ear climbers. A stud earring, in fact, but designed the way it really climbs up your ear.
  2. Ear cuffs. Elegant little things that can be fixed at the outside part of your ear. 

It looks like a piercing while it doesn't need it. It's an excellent and peculiar detail you can put on instantly. You just put it on the cartilage and push it slightly to fix on the ear.

Do minimalist ear climbers and ear cuffs fit any style?

We believe elves would definitely like them :) It's just a dash of a special mood and style to our daily routine for humans. You can wear them alone or mix them with earrings or piercing. It's fun, and it gives you some space for creativity. It's a great example of a new elegance.

They work great with a casual look and can be a peculiar detail for a party. Only your own style is a limit.

What to mind while choosing the ear cuffs in Silver 925 or Gold filled?

The weight and materials are important for casual wearing. Our handmade technique allows us to make it delicate and adjustable. Both 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Goldfield versions are not allergic and always friendly for your skin.

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