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Minimalist ear jewelry: ear climbers, ear cuffs, earrings for any occasion

Minimalist ear climbers and ear cuffs give their owners a unique vibe: mystery and nature and passion, and just a little rebellion. 

It’s love at first sight.

A human ear has an alluring, tricky form. And in our own Lulina workshop we love to create earrings that are shaped to show off the beautiful you. 

But how do you use them? What’s the difference between an ear climber, and an ear cuff? What jewelry will accent me best?

Of course: classical earrings are earrings. A piercing to hold it in place, and a swirl of silver or gold to make you feel that today is worth living. 

But ear climbers are different. They are still anchored at one end by a stud, just like a normal earring, but from there they playfully dance up your ear. They can take on any shape around your ear, and are there to adorn you as only you deserve.

But ear cuffs...ear cuffs are a class apart. These playful little things can be fixed on any part of the outside of your ear, and need no piercing to sling them on. Want to throw on one for elegance? Three for spunk? Add as many as you want. The party is just starting!


We believe elves would definitely like them :) It's just a dash of a special mood and style in our daily routine for humans. You can wear them alone or mix them with earrings or piercings. It's fun, and it gives you some space for creativity.

They work great with a casual look and can be a peculiar detail for a party. Only your own style is the limit.



First things first: your own style sets the tone. Our jewelry is made to be your statement piece.

Aside from your vibe, though, there are some other factors you can consider: for example, you might consider the weight and material of your pieces when you’re picking out the look you love. Know yourself, and know your comfort zone. But really, all our jewelry is made to be minimalist and hypoallergenic, so they’re ready to go when you are.

All our earrings are made to be comfortable and ready to dress up, or dress down – your choice. Our handmade technique makes them both delicate, and adjustable. 

So please, explore Lulina Shop, find your spirit-jewelry, and have fun!

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