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Handmade Lulinashop earrings inspired by nature and geometric shapes

Handmade Lulinashop earrings inspired by nature

Our family lives at the seaside,  we can not imagine our lives and our work without the fulfilling connection with nature. Wind, sun, moon, stars, you can recognize them in our jewelry. We love natural forms and colors and believe it can be a great source of wonderful mood for our clients.

Less is more. Perfect Style of geometric shapes of ear cuffs and earrings

There is nothing more than lines in our favorite double, triple and criss cross ear cuffs. And that’s what makes them perfect and never boring, like wind and air.

Lines seem the same but they are different. Like in calligraphy, everything matters, not just the form but also space and proportions. 

You can find the most delicate accents, in the leafy, railway and seren ear cuffs. It’s impressive how different the two same lines can look. And in our desert set, we just add some dainty sandy coverage, and again you’ve got a new look.

Want more? Ok, we’ll twist the line into a spiral.

Delicate Opals and pearls are the best for studs

We love peach pearls. They don't need many decorations. All we add - a delicate sterling or Gold Filled silver wire. The perfect gift, symbolizing purity and devotion.

The same story about tender opals with their natural blue and green tones. You can meet them in our dragon eye ear climbers and gentle mirage ear cuffs. A small memory about the endless sea.

Handmade Lulinashop earrings inspired by nature and geometric shapes

Go wild with ear climbers and piercing

Elegant snakes and dragons are our favorite theme for ear climbers. They look totally organic, and they literally climb your ears. Other motives like feathers, serpentine, sea stars, moon, and sun are always in trend and keep daily you closer to nature and serenity. That makes them a perfect gift for her for any occasion.

Check out our ear cuff collection in 14K gold and silver 925 for the very best in minimalist pieces.

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