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Buying ear jewelry online: earrings, ear climbers, crawlers, studs, ear cuffs, hoops, or piercing?

Buying ear jewelry online: What’s important?

Buying ear jewelry online: earrings, ear climbers, crawlers, studs, cuffs, hoops

Earrings, ear climbers, crawlers, studs, ear cuffs, hoops, or piercing? Don't be lost in it!

The choice of jewelry is really impressive and the price varies from nothing to infinity. There are usually a lot of emotions while buying a new piece. It’s also good to have some reasonable arguments to make great choices, get compliments and enjoy your look for a long time. In Lulinashop workshop we produce minimal jewelry since 2009 and can mention three main things:

  1. Matching with your style
  2. Quality
  3. Fair price

    Let's figure out what it means when you are ready to buy a new piece online or in a store.

    The design of jewelry earrings should be in line with your everyday style 

    Jewelry makes your style complete. Make sure new earrings match with your personality and usual look.

    Minimalistic designs with clear lines and geometrical forms always look trendy and cool, and can be easily mixed together. And don’t be afraid to add an unusual detail as an ear cuff or an ear climber.

    Quality of materials and charming minimalism of the dainty details 

    When we speak about the quality of the jewelry, first of all, we mean proper material and work accuracy. Attention to details is our family feature. All Lulinashop jewelry is handmade and perfectly nailed. It’s easy to put on and to fix comfortably on your ear.

    The materials we use are 925 Sterling Silver and yellow rose 14k GoldFilled. You can be sure  it’s hypoallergenic, so can literally forget you are wearing it. It will serve you without changing its color. And it’s totally recyclable, which is also nice in comparison with the plastic mass market.

    Reasonable price allows you to Update Your Jewelry Collection 

    We believe that if it’s not a family heirloom, the jewelry should be affordable. Minimal light pretty things can make your day and your mood. It’s fun to mix them and add some new details. And with fair pricing, you can always treat yourself with a new lovely piece.

    What to mind when you buy jewelry as a gift?

    First, you should be sure the person could wear it. Unlike rings, earrings do not have size, so a pair of minimalistic studs or hoops is definitely a good gift idea. Here you should also be sure the person has her ears pierced. If you are not sure, choose ear cuffs or fake piercing.

    Doubting about style? Some universal recommendations: criss cross ear cuffs, geometric forms are universal. Peach pearls are perfect for Bridesmaids, opals and lovey studs are a great gift for your girlfriend, including Valentine's Day.

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