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Be brave! Piercing and fake piercing: cartilage, septum or nose rings?

Be brave! Piercing and fake piercing Piercing does not sound as rebellious as it was even 10 years before. You can meet it in an office or in a school. It’s becoming something common, but still, it can give its owner just a proper dose of rebel spirit. Especially when it’s minimalistic and organic. To underline your style and show who you are. Where to start with piercing earrings? Cartilage or septum ring? Ready to pierce your nose or ear? Fantastic! Make sure you’ve chosen a hypoallergenic piece made from sterling silver or 14K Gold Field. It could be a cartilage hoop or a nose ring. Then imagine the look. Smart? Dainty? Boho? Even such a small detail has its...

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Handmade Lulinashop earrings inspired by nature and geometric shapes

Handmade Lulinashop earrings inspired by nature Our family lives at the seaside,  we can not imagine our lives and our work without the fulfilling connection with nature. Wind, sun, moon, stars, you can recognize them in our jewelry. We love natural forms and colors and believe it can be a great source of wonderful mood for our clients. Less is more. Perfect Style of geometric shapes of ear cuffs and earrings There is nothing more than lines in our favorite double, triple and criss cross ear cuffs. And that’s what makes them perfect and never boring, like wind and air. Lines seem the same but they are different. Like in calligraphy, everything matters, not just the form but also space...

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Buying ear jewelry online: earrings, ear climbers, crawlers, studs, ear cuffs, hoops, or piercing?

Buying ear jewelry online: What’s important? Earrings, ear climbers, crawlers, studs, ear cuffs, hoops, or piercing? Don't be lost in it! The choice of jewelry is really impressive and the price varies from nothing to infinity. There are usually a lot of emotions while buying a new piece. It’s also good to have some reasonable arguments to make great choices, get compliments and enjoy your look for a long time. In Lulinashop workshop we produce minimal jewelry since 2009 and can mention three main things: Matching with your style Quality Fair price Let's figure out what it means when you are ready to buy a new piece online or in a store. The design of jewelry earrings should be in...

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Minimalist ear jewelry: ear climbers, ear cuffs, earrings for any occasion

Are you ready to wear some unboring minimalist ear jewelry? Not just earrings, but also ear climbers and ear cuffs Minimal silver and gold filled earrings for any occasion Minimal ear climbers and ear cuffs can give their owners a unique vibe: dainty but stylish and just a little rebellious. Why not try them? A human ear has a beautiful, tricky form. And in our family Lulina workshop we love to create earrings and some unusual minimalist accents, such as handmade ear climbers and ear cuffs. Let's have a closer look, how do they differ? There are two main types: Ear climbers. A stud earring, in fact, but designed the way it really climbs up your ear. Ear cuffs. Elegant...

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